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    How To Join a Fraternity

    This is what a confirmed member of the Illuminati Brotherhood said. "I was really tired of living a poverty stricken life, a lifewith no influence, affluence, wealth and protection. So i decided to join thebrotherhood of Illuminati. And now i am proud to say i am a full member of thegreat kingdom. And now i can boast of wealth, influence, protection, wealth andwhat have you.Life is sweet my fellowhumans when you have money. i spend money these days without looking back. Anythingi want i get. Today i am a happy man, and my family is very happy because ispoil them with a lot of money. Please i want you all here to leave a live freefrom poverty, and life of no influence. If you want to be rich with very highinfluence, and protection, i advice you the best society to belong to is theIlluminati brother hood. A brother introduced me, and today i am very happy. Pleaseif you need all the good things of life, i advice you to become a member. Andif you wish to join the brotherhood of Illuminati, you can email thebrotherhood kingdom at (illuminatikingdom56@gmail.com) or you call the Kingdommaster Mr. Anthony on +2348054443282"

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