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  • GearBest laser engraver DIY Kit assembly instructions

    I made it exactly like you built it but with the 2000watt laser. The disappointment came when I tried to get it to run. I attached it to my Dell Desktop Computer and it does nothing and does not show a thing on the computer. I then sent a note to Gearbest and got no response. I am not a computer person and have no idea what is wrong or if i got a bad circuit board. Please someone help me out by sending me to someone or a website that can help me fix the investment I have that is now just a boat anchor. I am sure others have faced this same issue and if not what did I do that is wrong as it is a straight forward build and I followed instructables to the letter. By the way Gearbest has no support that works as I tried for weeks to get a person to talk to and it never happened. I am very frustrated about a $ 180.00 investment that does not work. Please some one help me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Tom Longo twlongo007@gmail.com cell 586-256-4575

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