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March 5, 2016
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  • Wireless Doorbell - (Raspberry PI & Amazon Dash)

    Well, they all would work great for a couple days, so I know the range is not the problem. This last time we had the problem it didnt work at all and I brought the button to the front room which is near the router also and it still didnt work. I am likely going to revamp the system entirely and integrate the same function that the button provides into something else using the rPi. I thought it worked so well but we're just having issue after issue, it's unfortunate that this didn't work out.

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  • Wireless Doorbell - (Raspberry PI & Amazon Dash)

    I used this article over a month ago to create my own 'hack' for it as a notification system. I am experiencing issues, though. It is used quite a lot so I am thinking because these buttons are not meant to be used so often they are failing quicker.I have a system that has 6 buttons and when you click one I created a small one page app using node.js to detect the arp request and then flash a div on the screen (all on an rPi) you tap the touch screen on the flashing box to close it. The problem is with the buttons one of them died completely, it does not do anything anymore, no light or anything. Other times the rPi fails to detect the packets. I am using an rPi 3 with the built on wifi adapter so it's more reliable than the USB one. It would work great for 2-3 days then fail and need a reboot (with no real good reason) and then work for a couple more days and one or two buttons would fail. Now, it is not working at all. I am wondering if anyone else had problems like this ?

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