• ThomasM224 commented on supereric's instructable Impossibly Easy Carnitas Tacos6 months ago
    Impossibly Easy Carnitas Tacos

    I know this recipe/article is a few years old. But I have to say "thank you." The technique is flawless and dramatically easier to execute than any other carnitas recipe I've attempted. I understand purists advocate lard-frying. (Go right ahead; I'll pass.) And I've seen every kind of convoluted, borderline insane recipe you can imagine even things that sound like double-dares like poaching fatty chunks of pork shoulder in milk then roasting them to crisp like anybody with a job has the time or inclination to attempt something so bonkers. I strongly suspect most vendors and eateries use this technique (slow roast THEN pan-crisp, not the other way around). I included chili powder and some garlic salt; add spices gradually to your taste--but the technique needs no adjustment. You want an achievable, solid recipe to start making carnitas at home, this is the one.

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