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Lowney5 years ago
Hey Subscriber! Just wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy new year! Thanks for subscribing as always, and sticking with me! If you could take the time to check out my new forum topic, that would be awesome, as well as my new video! Both links are below, and once again, Merry Christmas!




Lowney6 years ago
Hi there loyal subscriber, and thanks for showing your appreciation to my stuff! To say thank you, I wish you a very merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! Cheers,

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Lowney7 years ago
Hey there loyal subscriber!
Can you have a look at my contest entry and vote if you like what you see :)

Thank you, means a lot!
Lowney7 years ago
Is that a varient of the Veyron? It looks like it has a fin on the bonnet
ThomasRex (author)  Lowney7 years ago
Are you talking about the car i have as my picture its a Bugatti Veyron. Its my favorite car.
BTW did you know the Veyron was knocked off the top spot by the SSC Ultimate Aero TT at 257mph?
ThomasRex (author)  Lowney7 years ago
Yes i did but the Veyron is better at every thing else 0-60 and 0-100 its better at. And i like the Veyrons looks more to.
Hehe now the veyron is 3rd fastest!
ThomasRex (author)  Lowney7 years ago
Really whats the fastest?
The 270mph Barabus TKR! They claim it will do 270mph but the highest that it has actually achieved is 266mph, still the fastest though! (Still prefer they veyron) BTW this isn't that saleen something or other I checked.
ThomasRex (author)  Lowney7 years ago
Yea I like the Veyron the most still to.
Only because it's a luxury car. Did you know that the veyron is LIMITED to 253mph? Apparently it would be faster than the Ultimate aero TT if it were removed!
ThomasRex (author)  Lowney7 years ago
Yea how fast do you think it could go if it was not limited?
Dunno. Rumours say 260mph but I personally don't believe that.
I agree. The Veyron was designed to be a very very very fast LUXURY car, not just some bits of plastic and metal with an engine plopped in the middle! When you consider it has leather seats, air conditioning, a radio and all the other features that luxury cars have, you begin to realise what an incredible machine it is! (You may be able to tell that I like the Veyron too). Also, the Bugatti Veyron is restricted to 253mph, and rumour has it that it could go at over 260mph if this limiter was removed!