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    The Complete Guide to RC Electronics

    I am in the process of wiring three Turgery motors three electronic speed controles to a vosper torpedo boat , some where i found a link on doing this with two motors is to cut the white wire from the second motor so your receiver does not conflict and uses only the one motor to start and the other will start at the same time i tried this on my vosper and i can only get the center motor working tho it only runs for a few seconds could this be the speed controler over heating as they are water cooled so i am just sorting these problems out the way i have wired the motors in three lives three neutrals into one of each from the battery 30 amp fuse on the live each speed controler is 30 amp rated the motors are 25 amp rated these are inrunners (motors) , regarding the white wires is it possible that to get all three motors running cutting the outer two white wires from the reciver was wrong is it possible either the red or black is the wires to cut ? i should be able to sort this out as i am an electrical enineer working on large electric motors and small single phase and three phase units , the only thing that i can think is that each motor is going to need its own power sorce ?right now three power leads from one battery ,three receiver leads from speed controlers to receiver, can you point me why i cant get the two outter motors to run with the center motor , tom yarwood

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