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  • Tiagod38 commented on ankitdaf's instructable Getting Started with the ESP8266 ESP-121 year ago
    Getting Started with the ESP8266 ESP-12

    hello!I'm having the same problem here, and I think the lack of a firmware might be my problem too!But at this moment I do not have the USB/Serial converter, so I'm using Arduino to communicate with ESP. Is there a way to flash the ESP through Arduino?

    Got it!I thought it was unnecessary once the maximum DC current that the ESP drains is 170mA (below the limit of 200mA, of Arduino).I'll try it.Thank you very much!

    hummmm... this may be another reason. I was using the 3.3v from Arduino to feed the ESP (there are a lot of examples on web that worked with it). I'm going to try first a separate power source. If it doesn't work, I'll try to flash it using UNO.Thank you!PS - I'm using the Logic Level shifter... so the connections should be TX → TX, or TX → RX?

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