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snarfel5 years ago
You keep mentioning a site/company in various comments that will be releasing a Sam Flynn EL kit sometime soon (hopefully before Halloween). What is this company/company's url?
Tifetup (author)  snarfel5 years ago
Here is the site. I've worked with them to develop the pattern. The one on the site is old, there will be a new version in a week. It is too expensive. I'm talking to them about getting it cheaper.

aharken5 years ago
Great work. Im trying to figure out the disk holder, i cant figure out how to make it or us there somewhere i can purchase one for a reasonsble price. Thnx in advance.
Tifetup (author)  aharken5 years ago
Thanks. Mine was custom made using CAD and a 3D printer. I don't know anywhere to purchase one, but u could make one out of paper mâché or cardboard. Put magnets inside the disc and it will magically snap into place! I can add this to my instruct able.
D00M995 years ago
I WANNA SEE HOW YOU MADE YOU TRON SUIT TOO!!!!!!! Excited to see it!!!!

And the disc. :)
Tifetup (author)  D00M995 years ago

The disc was bought from Target...
D00M99 Tifetup5 years ago
Really? I didn't know they had a disc that glows. :)
Tifetup (author)  D00M995 years ago
Yup. It only has a couple LEDs and the picture was taken in low light so the glow you see is a lot of motion blur.
johnsterlin5 years ago
Wow, your Tron outfit is the best I've seen so far! Where is your Instructable?! It's ok to put one up after the fact! Great job and thanks for posting the picture!
Tifetup (author)  johnsterlin5 years ago
Thanks for the positive support!!!

wwench5 years ago
Would love to see an instructable on your awesome suit!
Tifetup (author)  wwench5 years ago
I just posted one today. My first and it needs a little more detail...but its a start!
Nice Tron suit! I hope you put up an Instructable when you can.