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  • Tim Hargreaves commented on GDC's instructable Homemade Flame retardant1 year ago
    Homemade Flame retardant

    Tim Hargreaves - Shark Bay, WA Pastor also known as Hargreaves the Handyman.Well done mate - I don't know the chemical make-uo of Borax but if as I suspect there is a salt factor then SALT is a good fire inhihitor. The Tamarisk tree sheds a high quantity of salty resin & trying to burn the needles it sheds is extraordinarily difficult just as is the case with seaweed.Repetitive spraying of palm fronded partition walls - as likewise any other flammable material - with plain old sea water is a cheap way to help with fire-proofing materials. This of course is against the initial fire risk of a casual flame. At the end of the day almost NOTHING can withstand fire in its extreme expression such as an oxyacetylene flame or a roaring bush fire..

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