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  • Time_and_Turning commented on John Culbertson's instructable Standing Desk Pulley Lamps 4 months ago
    Standing Desk Pulley Lamps

    A really nice idea, beautifully done. A question: would a clear spray lacquer or similar solve the problem of spot tarnishing from fingerprints? If you considered it but decided against it, what were the reasons?

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  • Time_and_Turning commented on carl5blum's instructable Radial Saw Up-Grade4 months ago
    Radial Saw Up-Grade

    Some very good ideas here. I might 'steal' the blast shield/dust collector and pegboard ones next time I need a sacrificial top for my RAS.Pegboard is pretty good in terms of consistency of the centers of the holes for linear work. although for really precise work I'd worry about wear in the holes and consistency of the pegs.For angles, a lot depends on the kind of work you do. Sometimes I make up segmented rings for making into bowls. For example, 9 segments times 1/2 degree off is 4 1/2 degrees, which is more than enough to keep the ring from closing.

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  • Time_and_Turning commented on agabpardo's instructable How to Dim a Lamp 6 months ago
    How to Dim a Lamp

    This is a fine idea; photographers have been filtering their lights since they became available. But:This is a fire hazard. Compact Fluorescents run cooler than incandescents, but still generate enough heat to be uncomfortable to touch (45-50degrees C) and that will, given enough time, ignite the towel/filter.Do not try this with halogen lamps, even with infrared absorbing glass.

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