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    Cold Brew Coffee

    Here is what I did: I bought 12, 1 quart Mason jars for $9.99. I bought 4 gallons of filtered water, $3.97. I had some old labels so i put them on four of the jars and since a quart is about 4 cups I used 3 cups of water for each jar to allow for the coffee. I did four different concentrations.1/2 cup Coffee to 3 cups water2/3 cup Coffee to 3 cups water3/4 cup Coffee to 3 cups water1 cup Coffee to 3 cups waterI didn't cheap out on the coffee either. I bought a one pound bag of Kenya coffee from Starbucks and had them grind it for me at the coarsest setting, $14.00, (just for the coffee they will grind it for free). They are brewing right now, and tomorrow I plan on taking them to work and doing a blind taste test with my coffee snob co-workers.Not including the price of the jars because they are reusable, and since I only used half of the bag of Kenya coffee I can get another 4 jars or two gallons total. So all in all, it cost me $18 for 2 gallons of cold brew coffee, (Starbucks charges $3.25 for a venti cold brew which is 20oz so doing the math in my head, that is roughly $40 if you bought the coffee). This was my first go at this but my plan is to continue with the four jars but from now on I will brew one every day, so I will have 3 in the fridge and 1 brewing at all times. From what I have read they will keep anywhere from 1 -2 weeks in the fridge so to be safe I will make sure to drink them within a week.Tomorrow morning I will just pull the jars out, strain them first with my fine mesh metal strainer to get most of the big stuff, then I will pour them back into clean jars with a paper coffee filter in the mesh strainer.

    Oh and by "I made it" I mean I made the coffee, I didn't mess with all that fancy stuff in the article.

    I have also read that the sooner after you grind the coffee the less water it absorbs so try again but grind the coffee just before you use it.

    It you do it right it is VERY strong, I am not even joking in the slightest but I drank about 4 ounces of it without reading that you need to add ice or water to dilute it and I slept maybe 2 hours last night.

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