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  • How to Kill Fire Ants and Commit Genocide

    Shortly after I moved to Florida I accidentally stood too long on some mulch hiding a fire ant nest and ended up bit about 25 times. Mine didn't hurt but they itched. I did something that doctors tend to tell you not to do but I did it then and every time since when I get bit. When they become pustules I puncture them with a sterilized needle and squeeze the pus and venom out then soak them in hydrogen peroxide before letting them air dry. A few of the bigger ones I had to redo a second time but most dry up and the itching dies away very fast. Sometimes use aloe vera gel for the itching the first day, usually no problem after.

    I used it on ant nests when I lived in Michigan so when I moved here I figured it would work just as well and yeah it does. Still, I am going to try this method to see if he works as it would be cheaper and just as safe to use around kids and pets.

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