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  • TobyK7 commented on emilyvanleemput's instructable Wavy zigzag wire bracelet1 year ago
    Wavy zigzag wire bracelet

    it actually looks amazing if you bend it then hammer it. I hammered it with a ball peen to give it texture heated it for a Blackend look lightly take it over a sanding block to give bits of shine and I Took ultra fine steel wool to it. After all that I finally Bent it around

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  • TobyK7 commented on Mrballeng's instructable Steel Bracelet1 year ago
    Steel Bracelet

    is a quick tip if you want a perfect spiral instead of using the hammer squeeze the ends shot hole that and with your pliers. Then titan in the loose ends into A drill I used a cordless Ryobi The second setting and the power on drill. Then lightly press the trigger to allow it to tighten slowly. You'll get an even dence spiral every time plus if you want to make a bangle instead of an open bracelet. You just have to thread The open wires through the loop wires Hammer it flat and it's clasped shut.

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