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  • Hows to Make an Inexpensive 35mm Slide Viewer

    Good idea! To help maximize use of the (flash) light, or to minimize light losses, I'm wondering if the container interior should be "white" or even reflective (foil?) to accomplish that. Not sure why "black" paper is being used to line the container.

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  • Tom Lanik commented on ghui's instructable Audio Bone Headphone2 years ago
    Audio Bone Headphone

    I'm not sure what to think about this "headphone" design. I'm speechless.

    To me (O.K., call me crazy) this is just the H/P frame. The actual drivers, cable and connector are...your problem. Further, it doesn't speak to any acoustic issues, etc. This is not only incomplete but...not a headphone (set) at all. It's a "headphone design/rendering" Not a working model.

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