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  • TomC177 commented on art medlar's instructable Repairing a Carbon Fiber Bicycle Frame2 years ago
    Repairing a Carbon Fiber Bicycle Frame

    I have a few carbon fiber bikes, so I'm rich with bikes but with money...not so much. Anyway, one bike is a ten year old Specialized Tarmac Comp with a slightly damaged chainstay. Of course with carbon fiber, I keep reading that 'slightly damaged" is only a stone's throw from "catastrophically damanged", So I'm thinking, if I fix the Tarmac using your experience to guide me, then I can get out and ride it grinnin' - and sell one or more of the other bikes with little regret. Thinning the herd is a good plan anyway considering that I'm about 70 - but it is definitely fun to pick my ride according to which suits my mood, or is most appropriate for the day. You are so cool for doing this and writing this up so well and with an engaging style. Great work, man!

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