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    How to: Laser cutter!

    I noticed that there are several comments below about this unit and the problems people had constructing it and using the software. I purchased a 2500W unit from Banggood.com and had similar issues. The construction instructions were almost non- existent and the movie was terrible but i managed. The software Benbox would not install because it indicates a trojan virus. I use GRBL but had to load V0.8. You will need to load the Arduino Nano using Xloader which is fairly easy. If you take a simple drawing and scan it into a .bmp file you may then use Inkscape to create a .svg file. Use path and trace bitmap and save the result as .svg. This file may by imported into https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/177360212/site... and the .nc file created there. Open grbl and connect the Arduino and it will run the program. Non of these instructions are on the retailer's site and it takes a little experimenting to get through it but the machine works well and is fairly inexpensive for what you get.

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