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  • ToniL16 commented on AwesomeA's instructable Non-Soap Cleansing Clay Bar 2 years ago
    Non-Soap Cleansing Clay Bar

    Then don't use it. No one cares about your partly completed degree and your limited opinion. I for one am interested, and have used plenty of 'soaps' or cleansing bars without lye, as I cannot use it. Under any circumstances. I assure you I am clean, hygienic and yes, also fragrant.

    Thank you for posting this recipe. I cannot use lye or 'chemicals'. I am only supposed to wash hair and body in hot water only, (I wonder if Bikhawk will give me a run down on the non-cleansing qualities of H2o :) ). But I should be okay with all of these ingredients. I am so tired of looking at lye-free 'soap' recipes, to find that they use a commercial base or repurpose a purchased soap. So, I'll certainly give this a go, thank you. And ignore Bikhawk and his/her partially completed degree. A little information and a lot of arrogance is a unpleasant and dangerous combination.

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