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April 19, 2014
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  • Tony-W commented on sjowett's instructable RetroPie Arcade Cabinet (Cocktail Style)1 month ago
    RetroPie Arcade Cabinet (Cocktail Style)

    Hi Simon,Really great instructable. Also, it's great to see someone else who 'tracks' all their costs and web links to all gear, particularly great since it's almost always US-based sites with Home-Depot and other stores that we don't have here in Australia...Anyway, can I ask a favor - are you able to please do a quick measurement for me? I want to know what is the likely LARGEST Monitor that would fit into the available cabinets top dimensions... If you can measure the table top and see what is the 'useable' area on the underside of the lid that won't hit anything once it's all put together (Eg: The wooden framing)- I want to know if this will fit a 24" Monitor (16:10). The dimensions for this aspect are (very close to) 52.0cm (wide) x 32cm (high).- Or even better a 26" Monitor (again at 16:10). The dimensions for this aspect are 56.0cm (wide) x 36cm (high).Once I know then i'll get a monitor to suit and update you once it's done so others can also see how this looks and works.Thanks!Tony

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