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Dec. 23, 2010
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  • How to Rebuild a BionX e-Bike Battery Pack

    Nice instructable! I appreciate your effort to put in words of safety as well! Lithium batteries are not friends to high temperatures.

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  • ToolboxGuy commented on woodshopcowboy's instructable Stackable Shop Storage Boxes 2 weeks ago
    Stackable Shop Storage Boxes

    Worth mentioning here - The "big box stores" do not always guarantee their cuts to be "accurate/precise." Ask the saw operator about this before you have the materials cut.

    Yes, routers are very useful. If you already have a table saw, many of them have a hole in the tabletop to mount a router (upside down) which would be ideal for this task.

    My grandfather made similar boxes! The hand holds were simple oval cut outs on the front and back. (1" bit, drill two holes at each end, then coping saw or jigsaw the straight lines between.) You do have to router both sides of the holes to smooth down the edges. He also used old coffee can lids, cut in half, as flaps, stapled inside, to cover the "inside" of the hand holds. This would stop the items from falling out through the hand holds, as well as protect your fingers a bit. (stapled only at the bottom edge, with curved edge pointing up.)

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  • ToolboxGuy commented on pinchan's instructable Use Your Tablet As Raspberry Pi Screen2 weeks ago
    Use Your Tablet As Raspberry Pi Screen

    Pinchan, If you have proper network routing set up on both devices, this should be possible even over the Internet. It'd be too entailed to describe the steps here, and since I don't have an rPi to work with, I can't create an instructable to show you how. However, what you will need to do is to add a forwarding rule to your home Internet gateway/router, to point incoming traffic to your rPi.Ports to open:vnc-server 5900/tcp # VNC Servervnc-server 5900/udp # VNC Serverssh 22/tcp # The Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol1) permanently assign an IP address to your rPi, on the gateway/router. 2) Create forwarding rule to allow incoming addresses asking for port 5900 to be redirected to that permanent IP address and same ports. Note: This allows any monkey on the internet to poke your VNC services, so make sure you have passwords set up. You may have to do the same for port 22, or SSH. Again,if someone gets that password, they can take over your rPi, and try attacking everything on your home network too. You can tighten security by only allowing specific IPs to "come in", so make sure to learn how to do that once you have a working connection.3) From your rPi, Go to http://whatismyip.com/ to see what IP address from the "outside" you'd need to use on the "outside computer." When you are "inside" you would use the IP from step 1.rcochran5, In regards to the IP address details in the configuration of VNC, this interface is looking for IP:Display# , not IP:port number. VNC is a tool to allow multiple people to have separate virtual "displays" to interact with the VNC server. Each user has a definition, which includes the display numbers, in the example, it's display 1. Additionally, VNC can be changed to unique ports per connection.

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  • ToolboxGuy commented on ALEX_HOLAND's instructable Cheap Grill Upgrade1 month ago
    Cheap Grill Upgrade

    Love the idea of a grill table! Not so sure about such small spacers between the grill and the wood. Probably ok, but I would check it often. Love the cover to make it a full table. I think it would be possible to make the grill body removable, for ash dumping and such. V2.0 perhaps?

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  • ToolboxGuy commented on DuralM's instructable Brass Casting - Got Nice Ingot1 month ago
    Brass Casting - Got Nice Ingot

    Consider learning how to make sand castings. A bit more involved, and heat can ignite the oil in the sand, but you can be far more creative with your end results.

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  • ToolboxGuy commented on dustinbikes's instructable Simple Melon Carving1 month ago
    Simple Melon Carving

    Looks great, and the 'ible was simple to follow!Question - How long did it take to do this?

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  • ToolboxGuy commented on Constructed's instructable How To Build A Racing Quadcopter2 months ago
    How To Build A Racing Quadcopter

    If you are tethering a drone, then you should consider making the tether into an umbilical, providing power from the ground. 15 meters of cabling will not be light either, but may offset battery weight. Of course, extending flight time thanks to more power may overheat motors, but it would be fun to try.

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  • ndjalva followed ToolboxGuy2 months ago
  • Connect LCD to Raspberry Pi Without Breakout Board

    However, "we" can say that about your sister, but it'd help if you posted photos (of your sister....)

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