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  • TracyM106 commented on DieCastoms's instructable SIMPLE Parallel/Series Select Switch1 year ago
    SIMPLE Parallel/Series Select Switch

    I have a project where I will have (80) 3,2VDC 90 AH Life-YPO4 cells that I would like to set up to be in one of two configurations.The first configuration would be 2 parallel strings of 40 cells each for 128 Volts and 180 Ah (23 kWh) of capacity.The second configuration would be 5 parallel strings of 16 cells each for 51 Volts and (5x90=450) Ah (23 kWH) of capacity.Maximum load will be 16 kW at 120 VDC (130 Amps) for config. #1Maximum load will be 12 kW at 48VDC (250 Amps) for config. #2I would love any thoughts you have on this scenario.

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