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    Water & Glue... Who Knew?

    I'm a bit confused as "Mod Podge" seems to have several different ... ah... formulas? Each for a different purpose. The one I chose, out of 3 types on the store shelf, I thought was intended specifically for fabric. I was covering heavy card stock with squares of fabric, then a label. The stuff "never" dried! It was tacky for weeks. Needed to be waterproof as was for outdoor garden stakes. Sent it to Mom anyway, eventually. Her hanging garden in a fabric pocketed shoe rack vertical garden deteriorated by the end of 2 years. The "Mod Podge" was still tacky, not in the least bit waterproof, and the so called "permanent" ink just washed away after the first "watering". Such a waste. I hope that setting a hot cup of coffee on you table does not ruin that pretty surface. How could one possibly make the "Mix" waterproof? Best Wishes,

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  • Universal Knife Block (Design Martin Robitsch)

    Mine, sitting on the counter, allows dust, etc. to collect. It's a mess taking out all those skewers to wash them and the bottom of the container. I was also constantly poking myself on the sharp points. Finally I just glued corks end to end till they were tall enough for my container, a pretty tube-vase from a thrift shop, put the "columns" of corks in, not tight. Laid corks on bottom inside to protect knife tips. To clean, just tip everything into a small dish wash tub, swish it around with a bit of soap and your hands. Rinse, let dry, replace. Oh, do use a waterproof glue, or you'll be "rebuilding" your columns. No more sharp points, it looks nice with the cork ends a bit different in height, and Not gluing the columns to the bottom allows for any blade width. Made a shorter one for shorter knives. I tried posting an image. "No-Go". Corks sold by bagfuls from craft stores.

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