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Sept. 15, 2009
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  • Trickynekro commented on jbike's instructable 359 Degree Servo modification3 months ago
    359 Degree Servo modification

    The stop is there for not destroying the potentiometer.By isolating the potentiometer you literally lose the "servo". You don´t have speed control either. You tell the motor, I want you to rotate with that speed and then the motor does try to approximate that speed at its best of ability. In any case RC "servos" are not real servos, apart maybe from some very high tech ones used in robotics as the controller that sends the signal can not know if the motor ever reached the position it was ordered to take or not. In other words, a servo systems mean that the controller receives feedback from the system.What he built was a true extended range RC servo. The RC receiver does not receive position feedback from the Arduino, thus not a true servo system, but servo in a meaning that it will try to keep the position ordered by the receiver as best as possible.Hope that helped clear out the things

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