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Dec. 7, 2015
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  • It's Possible to Use the Angle Grinder As a Chainsaw

    Kickback is the danger when using a chainsaw and all modern chainsaws have a kickback or chain brake. I used to live in rural VT and knew one logger (a young one) who deactivated the chain brake because he was "so strong that he could control the saw in the event of kickback." Well, in front of his pregnant wife, while cutting a log lengthwise, the saw kicked back, flipped up and cut through his shoulder/collar bone. He could not hold it back! He did recover and was lucky that he didn't perform brain surgery upon himself, and it was "only" his shoulder. I know this set-up has the saw sorta sideways, so it doesn't go directly back to the user in case of kickback...but, I, having lots of experiences with chainsaws, would not use an angle grinder as a chainsaw, except under a real emergency situation. In fact, don't use a pre-chain brake chainsaw. It ain't worth it. This is one safety feature that really is not just a Nanny-State edict.

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  • Cheap Treated Clothesline - Our Solar Clothes Dryer!

    Great project! Drying your laundry outside is just common sense! Using a clothes dryer is very wasteful and the clothes come out much better on the clothesline. Here in NC, there is no excuse not to use a clothesline...except for HOA rules or the outdated suburban mentality that clotheslines are not acceptable. It is in the 90s now...most clothes dry in a few minutes. I supplement the clothesline in the lawn with two lines on the deck. An additional benefit is that the UV rays from the Sun kill bacteria. Dryers don't do that.

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