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  • Uglemor commented on EmilyW41's instructable Austin, Emily and Keiran Make Soap2 months ago
    Austin, Emily and Keiran Make Soap

    Cleaning up is the most dangerous step. The goo is still basic and harmful to your skin. I tend to forget this. If you have a place to put the utensiles for the raw soap out of harm's way then leave them for a couple of days, and the goo has turned into soap. Way easier to clean and not dangerous to your skin any more. This reduces mess and water usage. Never, ever put soaping utensiles in the dish washer. Unless you want a new dish washer and to clean the floor by hand with a toothbrush The containers for lye should always be cleaned immediately. And btw lye is drain cleaner and does not need neutralizing, just chase with enough water.

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