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  • UmangV4 made the instructable Temperature Monitor with ESP8266 - IoT1 year ago
    Temperature Monitor with ESP8266 - IoT

    Hello, I am Stuck in Step 4, I have connected ESP8266 12-E LoLin board, Vin (3.3V) ,Vout(Pin4(That is S3)) and Gnd(Gnd) and DS18B20 onewire (Metal Shielded_Waterproof).I am Getting Error ERR1. Please help. Also While commenting "Find Chip, CRC, and Proper Chip", I am getting -0.06 as output and value form portVout(Pin4(That is S3) is reading as 255.Also not able to detect Get Signal output.Do I need to put "==" sign or "=" equal sign after "dW1hbmd2YWlAZ21haWwuY29tOnNoYWlsZXNoYmhhaWt1bWFy"?Please help me out. Thank you in Advance.

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