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Dude. The USN has an Instructables account? This makes me very happy. :) -DEP Recruit Bautista
A year later. Now Fireman Bautista; hopefully GSE3 Bautista in not too long. :)
Hey USN,
This is the first time I have ever heard of you guys and watched your videos. At the start during video 1, I was like totally amazed at how much training you all have to do. The came all of the other videos, and then I was speechless. Although I would also like to view to 2 or 3 (lost count) videos, this is still really cool. Starting tomorrow, I'm going to start those training routines at home using whatever I an find.

Thanks for making an Instructables account, and BTW: What rank are you currently?
chopstx7 years ago
Makes me glad that the United States Navy has an Instructables account!
Leo Fuego7 years ago
Please could you become my friend so i can see the videos? I really love your stuff
donpisto7 years ago
Where is video 9 and 10?
SG1Oniell7 years ago
greenteaent7 years ago
SIgn me up!!
Hellchild8 years ago
Woah the Navy. This is soo cool!!!
hey dude how can you watch this vid... are you friend of the poster
i never said that I could watch the video
ascus Hellchild8 years ago
watch at Youtube
Hellchild ascus8 years ago
I also never said that I wanted to see the video either

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Goodhart8 years ago
The Navy SEALs workout will improve your speed & agility with any sport you're playing.…

I am keen on Chess myself and "GO" sometimes. Ok, all kidding aside, welcome :-)