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  • Valkem commented on Tiobel's instructable Track ME3 days ago
    Track ME

    Nice, I could see using this in my car, just in case it runs away or my kid is up to no good. :) Then the battery issue might not matter, just minor adapting and wiring into the harness. Great work.

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  • Valkem commented on How-ToDo's instructable Powerful burning Laser1 month ago
    Powerful burning Laser

    ROFL, not sure if trolling or not. It might also be decisions like that, that might have helped hold you back.

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  • Valkem commented on JP'sW's instructable Transfer Photograph onto Wood1 month ago
    Transfer Photograph onto Wood

    Works great with color. I've done a few with color, though I use image transfer medium and then seal it with modge podge. The process is different, but doable with ink jet also, you just need different liuqid materials.

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  • Valkem commented on CabinetDoorGuys's instructable Image Transfer to Wood3 months ago
    Image Transfer to Wood

    There is a different way of doing this, it's just more time consuming with different materials. I've done with with regular paper and laser printers. You have to get an image transfer medium though, then time consuming rubbing the paper away after letting it dry overnight. The way they explain here seems faster and easier if you have these items available.

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  • Valkem commented on NightHawkInLight's instructable Cheese Ball Machine Gun3 months ago
    Cheese Ball Machine Gun

    mini powdered donuts. HAHA, I can just see squirrel fur flying THWUNK! as my son is shooting powdered donuts into the trees.

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  • Valkem commented on Von Malegowski's instructable How to Make a Simple Duplicate Key3 months ago
    How to Make a Simple Duplicate Key

    I've had a few times when either no one is at the key cutting places, or they don't have the 'blanks' i need to cut my key. An example, I wanted a 'door only' key for my car. Since it's an electronic chip key to start the vehicle, many of the local places don't have it and refer me to the dealership, which wants $250 for a key, because of the electronics. I've had a few issues like this with keys I do legally own.

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  • Valkem commented on osdoyi's instructable Pokemon GO: Egg Hatcher Machine4 months ago
    Pokemon GO: Egg Hatcher Machine

    There's a small part of me that agrees; however, when you can just PAY to incubate 9 eggs at the same time instead of one, is that cheating? The system is setup to reward those that can/will spend money on it. If someone (say my son) can't spend much on the game do you want to penalize them if they can find creative ways to help themselves? If there wasn't a way to just buy 8 incubators and hate 9 eggs by walking 10km or less, in one shot, I'd be much more inclined to agree or care. If my son has to jog around the yard enough times to make 90km to compete with an adult that just drops $20 on the game every day, I wouldn't discourage him from making somethign to help him compete.

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  • Valkem commented on SpecificLove's instructable 10 Places to Hide a Spare Key4 months ago
    10 Places to Hide a Spare Key

    I'd say if someone breaks into your car, and it's easy to find as well as something with your address on it, you're giving them an easy route, and they know you're not home. I don't like half these places to hide the key, listed.

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