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  • Vasgo commented on jjmaia's instructable Make a DC circuit for your Honda CBF 1252 years ago
    Make a DC circuit for your Honda CBF 125

    Hello.I bought CBF few months ago. I'm interesting in electronic and I found solution. You can find it your self very easy. You need only a multimeter ( V ) and check voltage on each circuit. One is a green (-) and red/black (+). Second yellow (-) and green (+) .... yes that is correct. I already did new circuit and all LEDs, heated grips, 5 V charger works after start engine not after ignition key. If any one would like to now how to do that pls write. Also I upgraded indicators/hazard lights relay. I did a new transistor one (BUZ 11 A) and you can use a LED bulb or normal one ( no mater configuration, can be one LED and 3 bulbs frequency is the same 2Hz ).

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