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  • How to setup and use the NEJE DK-5 Pro-5 Laser Engraver/Cutter

    Did you fix it?

    Did you focus the laser? That model has a 1000mw laser, it should cut in cardboard with a burning time of 20.

    why is it trash, I'm happy with mine so far.

    You should let it cool down after an hour or so. Did you do that? Otherwise it will get too hot soon.

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  • NEJE 300mW Laser Engraver (Under $100)

    I doubt that software will work for your device. I have the same as you have (with the 1000mW laser) and I have the same software as you have.According to the website where I bought it, this printer does not accept grbl files. So the features he mentions in that tab are not there for this device.Did you actually find/try it? If it worked anyway, I would like to know (maybe the website I bought it from is wrong?)!

    What version of the software do you use?

    I just turned off the virus scanner. So far no problems with that! I downloaded the software with Firefox since that was the only webbrowser that would let me.

    Did you use it more than a hour continuous? You are supposed to give it some rest after an hour because the laser gets very hot and can't get the heat away in time so it needs to cool down.

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  • Veda88 commented on Nikus's instructable Laser engraver/cutter6 hours ago
    Laser engraver/cutter

    Did you focus the laser? It's very important to do that every time you put an object under it that is of different height. If it's not focused properly, it won't burn but just scan and you will see nothing. Also, if the intensity is too low it also won't burn.

    I wasn't able to do it with chrome or edge. But Firefox lets you keep the file even though it says that it's infected. It will ask you if you want to keep it anyway.

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  • Veda88 commented on DrewPaulDesigns's instructable Free Energy from Thin Air!5 months ago
    Free Energy from Thin Air!

    I made it. I can't get a higher voltage than 0.06v though. At the bottom are another 6 104 capacitors. Any tips?If I put my cellphone on top of the antenna I get about 7 volt top. But that's cheating...

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