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  • VenetaB commented on Igioteno's instructable Salt Dough Gingerbread Cookies Scented 11 months ago
    Salt Dough Gingerbread Cookies Scented

    I have made these in the past but to add the more intense color I used very strong tea to get the color more like that of real gingrerbread. I have even made gingerbread houses out of this.

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  • VenetaB commented on compwalla's instructable How to Sew Your Own Pajama Pants11 months ago
    How to Sew Your Own Pajama Pants

    I am a fairly decent sewer and am making several pair of these for Christmas gifts. I used a large rectangle plastic tablecloth bought at the dollar store and got 3 patterns out of it. I used that because the plastic is a bit more durable. If these work out well I think I may be making more of them and not to have to cut the pattern several times is a plus. A friend gave me the idea of a cheap plastic table cloth.

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