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  • Churros: Inspired from San Churro Chocolateria

    They look very good, but they are not churros, they are Porras. The churros are thinner and have a drop shape.Sorry if my english is not so good. I'm from Valencia (Spain)


    Porras: ?

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  • Build a DIY Desktop 3d Scanner with infinite resolution.

    Hello Shakespeare!I'm trying to make the scanner but i have any problems:The first problem is my english is a little poor ?I have the mega and the lcd panel but i haven't a easydriver and the nema motor. I'm trying to adapt the firmware to use a 28BYJ-48 unipolar motor and the driver usually you buy with an arduino kit. I connect only a green led in the ir led place, i upload the firmware to the mega and i push the select button but nothing happens. Is necessary to conect all to brights the led?Thank you!

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  • VicenteT1 commented on PatrikB8's instructable 3D Printed Kryptex 2 years ago
    3D Printed Kryptex

    Hello!It´s a good idea.I want to answer you about the printing...ABS, PLA, layer size, etcI'm trying to learn about the 3d printing and i think your printing is really good.Thank you.Sorry if my english is bad.

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