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  • VikashG2 commented on VikashG2's instructable Raspberry Pi Location Tracker11 months ago
    Raspberry Pi Location Tracker

    Hey, yeah it's possible to use only IP to get the location. Please refer my previous comments down below

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  • VikashG2 commented on VikashG2's instructable Raspberry Pi Location Tracker1 year ago
    Raspberry Pi Location Tracker

    Hello!Running runs a series of functions internallymaintain()->getLocation()->getCellTowerInfo()Run the function that's called first i.e. getCellTowerInfo() on console. If this returns data as expected, move to getLocation() and finally run source code may not run as is, since it depends upon a specific brand of USB dongle. However if you start with testing one function at a time, you will be able to complete it easily. You may have to change a few lines of Python code, so please run some sample programs to get introductory lessons on the programming language. This will help you grasp the source code.

    I think you will have to write some Java code to be run inside an Android app that can monitor the mobile's GPS location and send to a destination machine.If you want to get a Raspberry Pi's location using GPS, there are special h/w modules you can purchase and hook them up with RPi.

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