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  • How to Make a Pure Black Photography Background

    green screen is not a screen, but a piece of green fabric, used as a background. It is usually a green fabric because most objects and skin tones are not similar to the color used so it can be selected as a color and edited out in a photo or video program. leaving you with empty space tha can now be any color or background you wish to insert. It is a fun trick to learn.

    Still have to edit every photo. would be just as useful, if not more useful to use a green screen. the fabric is relatively cheap now and will rol up easier than using a piece of sheet metal. Just a suggestion. Nice work though.

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  • VioletH commented on RCLifeOn's instructable DIY Mini Air Conditioner1 year ago
    DIY Mini Air Conditioner

    depends on how hot it is, looks like he is using this in a already air conditioned space.

    this is what we used to call a swamp cooler. Dry ice ould work better and cause less humidity just fyi.

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