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  • VivekB33 commented on kehaldoshi's instructable DIY LED Projector V 2.02 years ago
    DIY LED Projector V 2.0

    Hi Kehal,I have gone through both the instructable. Both look good and amazing. However, if you see the cost of the Second box with all the accessories mentioned/recommended - its coming around not less than INR 22,500 ($ 370). The New Branded Compact Projector in the market starts from 30K (you only mentioned that). What is it in this DIY PJ, that is worth making it at 22K (or more if something goes wrong). Also, what is the projected life of this PJ? What is the continuous running Time? Moreover, the instructions are not step-by-step. Looks like you are marketing the stuffs, that are available on Ebay under Globalibay ( you will clarify and help members follow it correctly. Thanks for your efforts.

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