• VlatkoJ commented on pcmofo's instructable Arduino RFID Door Lock7 months ago
    Arduino RFID Door Lock

    Nick perfect code and perfect project, this is what I was looking for actually I want to modify my door at home and make it super duper secure but yet easy to access, so your project works really great for me! .. I was also gonna ask if you can help me with editing the code a little bit since I am a newb with IDE. I was thinking if it is possible to add one more security feature when a user misses the code for 3 times, and I think that would be somewhere after line 107, so my idea is after 3 missed attempts to do a digitalWrite(soundAlarm, HIGH) and trip the other micro controller or device which is listening for variations in voltage and sound the alarm. Would be also good to add in the second attempt to be shown on the display so that the user knows he have one more chance to enter the correct pin code.BRVlatko.

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