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amberrayh1 year ago

Thanks so much for the patch!

MicioGatta2 years ago

Thank you for the patch! >^.^<

Vyger (author) 4 years ago
I just realized that as of August I have been around here for 5 years now. Time really fly's.
Nextraker Vyger3 years ago
Me too, 08 though... how am I not a PRO?
BLUEBLOBS24 years ago
You are awesome and so is your cat.
BLUEBLOBS24 years ago
Thanks for the answer and for the patch.
Chirpoff5 years ago
Like your username! You a Trekkie?
Vyger (author)  Chirpoff5 years ago
I have seen them all, probably at least twice.

A show you should really get if you have never seen it is Babylon 5. I think it was one of the best written shows ever done so far.
Chirpoff Vyger5 years ago
Cool! I think I've seen all of the episodes in all the series, except DS9, but I think I'll watch it sometime... in the future... hey, is that Capt. Archer? LOL
My favorite series is ST:Ent. I don't think I've heard of Babylon 5, but I'll put it on my "look into" list! Thanks! BTW, your cat is awwdorable! :)
Vyger (author)  Chirpoff5 years ago
I think DS 9 is my favorite series of the ST's . They put a lot of effort into developing characters rather than always new adventures. I really like how they developed the Faringi. One episode really stood out and that was the Farengi Rescue Squad. In the simulation of rescuing Quark's mother one of the squad members shot her. He explained that is was obvious they were to pitiful to rescue her so he put her out of her misery. That set the tone for the whole thing including when they accidentally shoot their hostage that they were going to use for the exchange.

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