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glendalf817 years ago
hi i want to put a 120gb hard drive in my xbox i assume i need to create a disk from scratch which i did but when my xbox starts after the xbox splash screen i get a message saying contact service or something like that, how can i just create a new hard drive thanks
fireface7117 years ago
Hey, hey, sorry TRIPLE posting... i know. but when it asked me to enter an option at beginning, before i was using option 2 and i just tried 1 and i'm in again. i just don't know what to do. restore original C partition or reinstall ndure?
fireface7117 years ago
Sorry for double posting. I also tryed to access my xboxhd again through the CD. I chose option 2. it loaded as normal, and when i typed xbrowser it told me that the hard drive was found and then that it was missing the partition and wouldnt load. then i tried typing xboxhd and the 1-8 options appeared on screen. every single one accept 6 i think stated it was disabled (use floppy for w/e) but i obviously don't have a floppy. I can't get anything to work and am in major need of some help here. Thanks
fireface7117 years ago
I did everything right i think. it said it finished. i reset the xbox, reconnecting the HDD (duh) and the original Xbox Logo appeared. Then nothing. Just a blank TV. What now? This is right after i installed ndure. i haven't successfully started the system since pre-installation of ndure. advice?
Bisoninu8 years ago
ok I have a problem of my xbox when I install the unleashX. First it worked but when I copy my xbox game the screen of unleashX went competently black and it shut down itself and when I turn the xbox on, the xbox light turn flashing red , on the screen say please contact Xbox customer service. What should I do. PLZ help me.
hey guys, i don't know if my computer mother board has a primary and secondary ide cable. i just has one out put going to to my dvd rw drive then continuing to my dvd rom(the one i boot with). I took out my dvd rom(boot drive) so that i can use the ide cable from my dvdrw drive and connect that to the xboxhd. the isoimage was created right but it only works when i have the boot drive in the socket it belongs in on my computer.wierd. can i use that only cable to connect it to my xbox hd then my dvdrom (boot)
atticus5899 years ago
Alrighty, I am doing something wrong, I can't figure this soft modding out... Made the Cd. Opened up my XBOX and my Computer... Play the song for (tried 5-6secs, then I triend at intervals betweeen 30-45secs all the way up to 4 mins) Paused it, This is where I am confused. Here are my questions. Do I unplug the IDE cable then power off the xbox? Do I even power off the xbox? If I unplug the IDE cable, do I plug my computer's primary ide in right away? How much time do I have? If I unplug the IDE cable from my XBOX, power it off, do I plug my computers IDE cable into the xbox and power them up together or do I wait till the CD boots up then stick it in? Sorry for the rant I really just can't figure this out...
ok first of all play your song on the xbox for 31 seconds around there then unplug the IDE from the xbox dont power down anything.( your computer should be powered uo to the boot meanu where it had the hd maker and stuff plug the computer IDE cable into the xbox hdd and there you go:)
when I did my softmod I looked around a little bit and found out that it is actually safer to use the power conector for your hard drive from your computer and plug that into xbox hard drive and leave IDE plugged into xbox hard drive. make sure that your computer hard drive is unplugged and now turn on the computer and wait 5 seconds then turn on xbox and go to a song and play it for 10 sec and pause it. then immedietly unplug xbox IDE and set off to side and then plug your computers IDE into the hard drive on xbox. choose option 1. then type xbrowser and choose ndure script and press enter. if the computer doesn't detect the hard drive its because your xbox hard drive is locked or if the red or orange light on the front of your computer turns solid that means that the computer you are using isn't compatible with softmoding so try using a different computer. It doesn't even have to be a good computer. It could just be an old one siting around the house or anything. hope this helps because it worked for me so try it out. the reason you use a power cable for hard drive from computer is because M$ never grounded the xbox and if you touch its internal components without being grounded you could zap the xbox and it won't work anymore.
VzjrZ (author)  atticus5899 years ago
Imagine this if you can: You have both your computer and your xbox next to each other. The xbox is open so that you can easily disconnect the cables inside. Now turn on both your computer (the primary IDE slot should be empty and the secondary slot should be with your cd drive) and your xbox. You should be booting your computer from the ndure cd. Now once your xbox finishes loading, go to the music tab and play a song for 5 minutes. After five minutes disconnect the IDE cable from the back of your xbox and connect it to the primary IDE slot on your computer BUT DO NOT TURN OFF THE XBOX or DISCONNECT THE POWER CABLE from the xbox hard drive. Now on your computer type xbrowser and see if your computer is unlocked. Any more questions?
Okay first off sorry for being a nag... lol Here is what I tried... I did as you said computer and Xbox side by side. Powered on both at the same time, played the song for 5 mins, paused it. Unplugged the Ide Cable from the back of my XBOX's HD, and plugged a cord into my COMPUTERS primary slot, and then linked it to the XBOX, I entered 1, it spammed a bunch of stuff across my computer screen it comes up to the "xboxhd" part, I type it in and press enter, and it says reboot and connect a drive then retry, I type in "xbrowser" and it says "Searching for a partition table /dev/hda" Then it says "no xbox partition found on dev/hda" I also tried dissasebling my ENTIRE xbox and using the Xbox's IDE cable with the same steps and no luck.. Comes up the same everytime, I know there is something I am doing wrong here I hope you can help.
VzjrZ (author)  atticus5899 years ago
Please run down this checklist and make sure everything is perfect. If just one thing is incorrect, you will run into problems, your setup has to be exactly like this. --My PC BIOS is set to boot from CD-ROM before anything else. --I have a safe way to connect the Xbox hard drive to the PC --My IDE cable that will be used for hotswapping is connected to the primary IDE channel --My CD/DVD drive is connected to anywhere but the primary IDE connection --My primary master IDE connection is vacant, as this is the one I will hotswap the Xbox drive to When you turn on your computer leave the primary IDE cable in there so that when you finish playing the song all you have to do is disconnect the IDE cable from the back of the xbox's hard drive and connect the IDE cable from your computer to it. THEN type 1, (you dont have to type "xboxhd") and then "xbrowser"...see if that unlocks it.
Alrighty, 1. Done, 2. Done, 3. Done, 4. Done, 5. Done, Everything goes fine, it just isn't finding my xbox hard drive.... I really do appreciate your patience, but I am just getting the same problem over and over. In your opinion, what do you think it is? Is my XBOX had not getting unlocked? I just can't figure this out. Thanks again for your help.
VzjrZ (author)  atticus5899 years ago
Whenever your computer cannot find your hard drive this means that your xbox hard drive is not unlocked. I remember when i first tried doing this it took me many many time to finally unlock my drive. Are you doing anything different? Make sure you dont power off your xbox or disconnect the power cable from the xbox hard drive.
Yeah we aren't powering it off, but is it possible, that it is having problems because we replaced the dvd drive a while back?