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Oct. 6, 2015
My pet fish rewrote all of the Bards works, from a fishy point of view. Don't believe in Evolution or accept Darwin's conclusions. Don't start on climate change
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  • Inexpensive garage lights from LED strips

    12 volts x 14.2 amps =170 watts of power. If you had a solar panel properly angled, and installed that produced 250 watts of energy it could work. The panel probably has a 24 volt output, which means you need a charge controller . Ebay about $10-20 bucks , connect that to the panel and the large car battery . This set up will not run all night, however it will easily porvide many hours of light. Solar energy peaks for only 3-4 hours per day , you get 250 watts during those hours. So you will be close to using every bit of Solar energy produced. I have three solar systems in remote locations and love them. In fact I have an led strip conneted to a panel 24 /7 365 to light the interior of a dark office trailer I use for storage ./ I noticed that Harbor freight has their complete 90 watt solar system on sale for only $129.99 a great way to learn and enjoy sgetting into Solar. Usually Harbor Freigth gets about $159. I am no longer a big Harbor Freight fan , but my four year old system Solar system is running fine.Walter

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