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zigzagchris6 years ago
first id like to say ur instructables are very inspiring. I was just wondering how you learned to sail?
Wade Tarzia (author)  zigzagchris5 years ago
Hi -- I am sorry to be almost a year late answering this. I have had Instructables writer's block, have not been on the site in a long time, amd I did not see it until now.

I learned to sail by getting in a boat and sailing it. I read some manuals, one of my father's ancient bgooks he had given me when I was a kid, and other stuff since then. In 1984 I could finally afford to have a dory-skiff built for me by Lowells Boat Shop. So I floundered around on the local lake for years, sailing, and making many basic mistakes. Oh, I could sail the boat around and return under sail, but I now shudder to think about the classic mistakes I made (over-sheeting), bad sail tuning, lack of knowledge about sheeting angles, sail twist, etc. If you go my way, buy a modern sailing manual and really study it. Dry-sail (on your lawn on a windy day) your boat to get a sense of how the sails look at different angles (they ideally sould look like sheets of steel, taut and perfect, not fluttering, as a basic guideline, but they will not look like that really until you can buy $10,000 hi tech sails :-). Better still, get some sailing lessons if you can -- they will REALLY pay off. Or, learn your self to have the satisfaction for a year or two, then take the lessons to correct your errors, the best of both worlds. Have fun! -- Wade
Like your stuff. You like wood. I wish i had time to do this stuff..... : ( Oh well!