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  • Today I put some ugly brown wheel bearing grease, very lightly, into the bronze bushings. So far, the squeak is gone and the grease seems not to have migrated to the needle bearings. Hope it stays that way!

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  • Thank you, Phil, for the reply. Before doing any lubricating I decided to switch the right and left drive rollers with their 4 washers to the other sides. Although my secret hope to have the squeak disappear was disappointed, I did manage to have the squeak move to the right side, along with what had been the left roller. So I guess that the squeak is caused by that roller, and not the axle or axle bearings.Tomorrow I'll try the lube. I was told by the guy at NordicParts to use a minimal amount of bearing grease inside the bushing in the drive roller, so I'll try what he recommended. If it doesn't work I'll then try flushing the needle bearing and using the ATF or Tri-flo.

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  • I read this thread with great interest. I have an old Achiever model that has been in the basement for years. I cleaned it up and with one exception it seems to work OK. The idler rollers roll free, and the drive rollers seem not to slip. However, the left drive roller makes a little squeak after the back stroke ends and the forward stroke begins. I had been told that putting a small bit of wheel bearing grease on the bronze bushings might help, but I'm not sure of where to put the grease and how much. It seems that if I put a bit of grease even on one spot inside the bronze sleeves that when I put the roller back on the axle it will smear the grease into the needle bearing in the center. Any thoughts?

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