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bounty10126 years ago
Thanks for subscribing!
wilcurt7 years ago
Is your icon from pivot stickfigure animator?
Wasagi (author)  wilcurt7 years ago
No, just paint. I hadn't installed pivot yet, but you just gave me an idea......
wilcurt Wasagi7 years ago
Animate your avatar?
Wasagi (author)  wilcurt7 years ago
You Could animate him so he's playing the bass
(I see you are in the bassist group)
Wasagi (author)  eggyeggyeggy6 years ago
 Hmm, I tried that once, but I couldn't make a good bass! I could try again though....
wilcurt7 years ago
Hey Wasagi! I just finished the pivot file of wasagi! I haven't finished the "wig" part yet, but I will give you the file just as soon as I finish it.
Wasagi.stk467 bytes
Wasagi (author)  wilcurt7 years ago
Thanks!! Sorry it took me so long to get arond to commenting. Platypus!!!
Thank you very much! Yes, I will try and make some more instructables! Are u participating in the "Epilog Challenge"?

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