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920336 years ago
You're my kinda guy. Just read your post on making a soft box from an umbrella. You and I have done quite a bit of the same thing except I'm ten years ahead of you. :-) All my equipment, books, negatives, albums, mounted glass and 35mm, 2-1/2 sq & 4x5 transparencies, cameras, studio strobe lights, books, etc were stolen from me while I was in the hospital from surgery for terminal lung cancer.. Entire lifetime gone, like I never existed. The great prize winning photos, albums of great movie stars, published photos, etc all gone. Devastated. Still can't get over the loss. Had FIVE 4x5 complete Speed Graphic Camera outfits which I treasured deeply...was my favorite camera. Now I just have a single Kodak Digital with 5 meg that uses SD cards...great little camera. Use to have my own darkroom with 4x5 Omega D-2 enlarger and everything you can think of...was really great...loved it. Better quit here before this gets into a manuscript. Just wanted to say 'hello' because of your personal posted comments similar to my way of doing things too. Take care. ~ ED