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TSC5 years ago
Hows the motor bike going?
Wesley666 (author)  TSC5 years ago
Fairly good, but have been very busy lately. Hoping to get more done on it in about a week or twos time.
TSC Wesley6665 years ago
Cool! I just finhsed my chopper with a chainsaw engine! got to put on instructables though!
Wesley666 (author)  TSC5 years ago
Oooo! I would love to see some pictures! I have seen lots of chainsaw/weedeater bikes on Youtube, and it inspired me to go over the top with my Wisconsin Engine! :)
TSC Wesley6665 years ago
yep this thing is fun to ride! may be later in the year I'm going to put a wheel on the back instead of a spindle! here is a back veiw of me rideing it I plan on do a sideshow sometime!
Wesley666 (author)  TSC5 years ago
Ya know, I am thinking a racing lawn tractor would be better then a building a bike...So many ideas, its hard to decide!
TSC Wesley6665 years ago
I know what you mean! At one point I want build a racing lawn mower! But I did not have the money for a tractor! You can get them cheaper on criglist!
Wesley666 (author)  TSC5 years ago
My friend has 3 identical ones, none that run, but are all complete. He said I could have one if I wanted, so that is why its a very competitive option! HAHA!
TSC Wesley6665 years ago
Oopps! The pictures are smaller on here. Well just wait I will have a side show sometime soon!
Oh my gosh, I heard you were hit by a car! Are you OK? -M4