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Indiana Harbor, East Chicago, Indiana
May 3, 2016
Love fishing, & getting to where they are with ease, ... Instead of having to hold my breath as I walk across the lake!
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  • Wetfoot commented on JP'sW's instructable Transfer Photograph onto Wood1 day ago
    Transfer Photograph onto Wood

    I used to transfer some of the Vargas girl pictures in Playboy to motorcycle tanks or helmets, ... using a similar technique, only instead of mod podge, I used a clear lacquer paint spray, & had really great results doing it this way, but it was definitely time consuming, because you had to wait for each layer of paint to dry, & then spray another coat, ... being in the military did not help, because we were always on the go, ... & someone would always futch with my processes, ... it got old real quick, so I quit doing them, ...

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  • Wetfoot commented on joleothetall's instructable All Natural Mint Tea2 weeks ago
    All Natural Mint Tea

    There is wild mint that grows along the fence into the walkway between the fence, & garage, ... I can get 3-4 cuttings of it each year, & it is great to refresh a musty basement, ... yes mint is great for a variety of items, like the homemade tea in your ible, ... I also use it for cookies, & a variety of other things, like putting some dried stuff in an old washed sock, & using it and knocking down cobwebs, & have thought about retaining the seeds, & to also try to make more from cuttings, ... and as an additive to any homemade toothpaste, or mouthwash, ... just gotta find the right amount so you don't inhale too much lol!

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  • Wetfoot commented on cheap survivor2's instructable Fried Potatoes5 months ago
    Fried Potatoes

    I've got a couple more for you, ... 1st, the next time you are going to grill out, try this, take some tinfoil, red potatoes, & poke a few holes into your taters, with a fork, then use some bacon grease drippings to dip one end of each tater you want to grill, ... Wrap with tinfoil, & set on the grill in an indirect heat spot on the grill, let cook for 20 minutes, or so, & turn over occasionally, to ensure the tater doesn't get to overcooked on one side, & use the "poke" test to find out when they are done, the potato should dent, ever so slightly, & be soft, & almost pliable, ... (While still inside the tinfoil), ... Variations of this can be tested, & enjoyed as well, after adding your bacon grease covering, sprinkle the tater with seasalt, or garlic, thyme, or any number of spices to give your tater a special flavor, ... A couple slices of raw onion rings can also flavor your tater's whether you fry them bake, or grill them, one of my favorites in the summer, is to grill them as stated above, but adding sliced onions, sliced, & diced green peppers, mushrooms, small button, whole, sliced or in pieces, add a tbs of butter to the mix, salt & pepper to taste, wrap it up in a foil envelope, & rotate in different positions to avoid scorching the food to the tinfoil, ... After approximately 45 minutes remove your "envelope", open one end & test for doneness, & when ready serve it up with fresh grilled corn on the cob, burgers/steak/brats/ porkchops, or whatever type of main meat dish you desire, as it goes great with all or any single selection of the aforementioned, grilling fish fillets this way is another great way to enjoy a great summer meal, ... Prep time is only as important, as you want to make it, ... & you can be eating dinner in as little as less than an hour, ...

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  • Wetfoot commented on vina1991's instructable $1 AUTOMATIC WATER LEVEL CONTROLLER5 months ago

    How much would you charge to make me one of these?

    I was going to suggest trying out stainless steel, because it has no magnetic properties, & should be a lot more stable, even in "hard" water areas, ... But someone else beat me to it lol! I would love to try & make one of these, but my left hand shakes so badly anymore, that I am finding it very difficult to try & work with it on small projects, ... Would make a great switch for an automatic bilge pump, in my kayak though, lol! Great ibble! Positive thumbs up, ...

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