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  • Wetland01 commented on GabrielR58's instructable Recycled Newtonian Telescope1 year ago
    Recycled Newtonian Telescope

    Thank you for this very nice post. I have an old Newtonian refractor with a 6-inch cardboard tube as the main housing. (This is the type of disposable cardboard tubing used to cast concrete posts, it is available at many DIY stores, and can be cut to length to suit your project). Once you do the math, you can use this to calculate the magnification effect of any eyepiece, which you can occasionally find at little cost, since most people don't know how they work (being only one part of an overall optical assembly). You can also attach the primary mirror with dabs of silicone caulk, which provides a bit of "give" if you use thumbscrews to adjust the alignment (collimation) of the mirror assembly.

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