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  • Mod a PlayStation 2 Slimline for FREE! NO CHIPS!

    Three things: 1. I know you posted this 5 years ago, and if you didn't get the answer you were looking for in 5 years time, sit tight. 2. You don't need a modchip to play those, and I wouldn't recommend getting one anyway. 3. Have you heard of FreeMcBoot? If you install FreeMcBoot using a few rare obscure games due to high demand due to the discovery of the FreeMcBoot mod, you can install a program called CogSwap. That program lets you play backed up PS2 games (not PS1 games in my experiences) because it takes the Identification credentials from a real PS2 game and uses it for those games so they can run correctly. Hope I helped if you didnt find out already.

    You can, but if you wanted to take it off at one point, you wouldn't be able to with the superglue

    Yes there is an alternative to that god forsaken waste of money swap magic. I mean it was handy the first time but everyone found ways around paying $20 for a DVD that you only use once. There are many games out there that have files on them in .elf format, and they are pretty much like .exe's except for ps2. The most famous is 007 Agent Under Fire. By replacing the .elf on the DVD with a program called CogSwap, you can install a softmod called FreeMcBoot. Then from there, you can also use CogSwap to play backed up PS2 games. I did that with sooooooo many PS2 games and it works great. There were a fre problems I had but only due to scratches and burn errors

    Not quite. 2 different things to do instead; use a swap card, or buy a flip top case to replace the original case

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