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n-sane9 years ago
Hey I was just wondering do you guys think i should post my guns? By the way i am new to instructables and making knex guns...
E:\Documents and Settings\matthieu\Desktop\DSCN0023.jpg100_0594.JPG
Lol, latest comment evar! But, yeah, the crossbow is awesome.
Those both look great, but my guess is that they are long gone. lol
i like the crossbow
DJ Radio n-sane7 years ago
pls n-sane7 years ago
those look awesome!
post em both?
Storm950 n-sane8 years ago
That crossbow looks so freaking sweet! This could be a bit late, but any more pics siiiiir?
they look cool. yea post em. btw, on the crossbow,how does the trigger work? or is it a trigger like killerks magnum?
bruce911 n-sane8 years ago
I know you are probablt noy here anymore but can you post a cllose up of the trigger on the crossbow and how it works.
dont tell me youre new. those are mamazing guns. you are not new.
Whaleman (author)  nerfer1928 years ago
people can be good at knex guns and still be new to instructables.
true, but those are just coolio!
n-sane n-sane9 years ago
the first one looks kind of crooked and long but it isn't
The first 1 looks great!! Like a super-cool sniper but the crossbow just looks amazing!