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Nov. 17, 2015
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  • Pop-pop or put-put steamboat made easy for children

    So yeah I made this. I didn't have the dies to make a mandrel. It was quite tough bending copper without simply bending it. I read elsewhere that one could fill it with salt or sand to make it a more solid item to bend. That somehow didn't work with me. The boat I made was without any soldering or clay sealants. I took a tin can and opened it out to form a square tin sheet and hammered it into a "boat" shape. The boat weighed 85 grams and carried 400 grams of weight before it started taking on water. I then fixed the coil and candle. I avoided making holes in the boat for the outlet pipes. I attached the copper coil ends to two nylon pipes. These I Just fixed to the boat exiting it backwards. The boat looks crude. But it works. And that sound the very first time...nice.

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  • WhatIfIPulledTheWireOops commented on Loblaw's instructable Dry shampoo1 month ago
    Dry shampoo

    This is interesting. When you say that the ingredients are absorbent, do you mean that hair absorbs them?What happens if you go swimming? Do you get soapy hair?

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  • WhatIfIPulledTheWireOops commented on noahw's instructable How to Clean Your Sinuses8 months ago
    How to Clean Your Sinuses

    Firstly, a useful article. Thanks. I haven't seen 400+ comments on an instruct-able in a while. Anyway, speaking of the water to be used, as others have mentioned it has to be boiled and cooled water. Water straight from the tap or packaged drinking water wont do. For this method of sinus treatment at least. To be absolutely safe.Reasons:- All water sources contain virus, bacteria and protozoa. - If your municipal supply combines chlorination with sand filtration, the protozoans would be eliminated. - Since I haven't been to my town's water works to see what they do, boiling is the best known method of 100% protozoa elimination. - The 2nd best way to get rid of the protozoa is UV light filtration.- Virus and bacteria in our water supply are never eliminated completely. The best of treatment would bring them to "acceptable" human limits. Never zero.- I don't remember the safe limit values right now. It should be easy enough to find elsewhere. - You could be living in Howard Hughes' mansion or on a Moon mission, and the V and B in the water would always be within "acceptable" limits.That's all folks!Or no, not yet. The nasal sprays are probably easier to use. You'll notice it can be highly addictive.You'll be paying big pharma money for those sprays. And for what? Its not going to make you smarter or good looking. So why spend money? This method isn't addictive at all. Its free.

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