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DJ Radio7 years ago
Wow, for all the knexers who know you and from your huge orangeboard, I am surprised I have never seen you around before.
White_Feathers (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
hahaha yeah. A lot of people know me cuz they know my brothers. The burrito master, and Knex Builder Freak. Nice to meet you, Dj Radio. ;)
Wow, you're their sister? That's cool!
Vynash DJ Radio6 years ago
Yeah we are her bros.
KnexFreek6 years ago
 HI !!!!! wow i cant believe ive never seen you around here before!! I also do knex like many and i know The burrito master and Knex Builder Freak very well.
You have a huge OB!!! Also HI!!!!!
Are you still up for that bible study we were talking about a while back?
White_Feathers (author)  I_am_Canadian6 years ago
When's a good time for you? Im thinking probably in the evening sometime, and I'd rather keep it reasonably short...
Metal4God9 years ago
hey this vi from godtube Is on youtube!
invalid movie: http://www.godtube.com/view_video.php?viewkey=8d6ba5d789814bc2fbdc

DARN wee heres the link
White_Feathers (author)  Metal4God9 years ago
schnazzy. Ever heard of Dragonforce? (the song I know by them is "Through the fire and the flames" I like their song, because they are crazy at guitar- but I seriously don't recommend listening to them and getting into them, because they're not Christian at all, and that is not a very good song. It's like talking about hell or something. I didn't listen to it for the lyrics, just liked the guitar. So I mean if you listen to it- don't get into them too much! Just thought you might like to hear their guitar.) I seriously want to learn fiddle, I think it'd be fun. Do you play any other instruments besides guitar? Only stuff I do is piano, and harmonica, so far.
White_Feathers (author)  White_Feathers9 years ago
there's my piano. It plays really pretty, but I'm not too good at it yet. -_- lol
but your more
sorry didn't mean play more pretty but you are more pretty BTW check your PM's
tryin' to pull feathers, are we fender?