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  • WildB commented on In The Kitchen With Matt's instructable Easy Homemade Oreo Cookies1 month ago
    Easy Homemade Oreo Cookies

    These look a whole lot like (both ingredient and filling wise) Whoopie Pies, which are the state treat of Maine.I love me some Whoopie pies.

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  • WildB commented on randofo's instructable Flamethrowing Jack-O'-Lantern10 months ago
    Flamethrowing Jack-O'-Lantern

    I went on the hunch you were being sarcastic, which is why the post explaining things.

    That's not how combustion works. To catch an object on fire, it has to be brought up to its ignition temperature for a long enough period of time to get that self sustaining reaction going.A momentary burst of fire, unless the object has a very low ignition temperature, usually does not set things on fire. Most wood has an ignition temperature of 190-260°C - even decayed wood needs 150°C to ignite. The flash point for WD40 is 49°C, which a tea light candle burns at a maximum of 1400°C - as you can see, it easily reaches the WD40s flash point for ignition. Once the hydrocarbons in the WD40 reaches flashpoint, they leave almost no residue of the fine particulates due to their aerosolized nature. You might get some flash charring, but even that is likely with maintained wood.

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  • WildB commented on ShiftyTips's instructable DIY Air Conditioner11 months ago
    DIY Air Conditioner

    Use pykrete for the cooling agent. Should last a bit longer.

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  • WildB commented on webgeeks's instructable Arduino Mosquito Repeller 1 year ago
    Arduino Mosquito Repeller

    I was just going to post that. With the amount of dangerous mosquito born illnesses showing up worldwide, we don't need people thinking this will protect them.Still good project - just wouldn't have listed it as a mosquito repellent.

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  • WildB commented on danolanater's instructable 5 Gallon Bucket Air Conditioner1 year ago
    5 Gallon Bucket Air Conditioner

    Instead of the popsicles, make a batch of pykrete in 1 gallon discarded water or milk jugs. You can use them until they thaw (which will take quite a while) and just refreeze later. Have 2-3 ready so you can swap them out as needed.

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